The Days of the Life of Mike Sportlover with AiScreen COFE app

This is a short story of Mike Sportlover and his time with AiScreen COFE app, Content Oriented Fan Engagement is important for all sports and teams of our time. And like Mike, many of us spend a while online with our mobile devices daily – thus the sports and teams has to be there, online, mobile with content enabled by the technology.

The Day Before the Game
Mike gets pregame information from the game and purchases ticket online. Mike knows that will speed up arena entry and he gets a special discount voucher for hot dogs along with the online purchase which he can use during the break in the game.

Mike also sees from the app that couple of his friends have also bought tickets for the game and he lets them know he is coming too. They chat a little creating excitement and friendly competition of expertise knowing the game.

Mike also gets news that there is a new cheerleader for the team! So based on pregame info earlier Mike is also keen to see her.

The Game Day
Mike gets last minute pregame information from the game with reminder when to get moving to make the game on time. Mike gets ready to leave for the game and dresses into his gameworn jersey.
Mike is on the transit to the arena, this time he does not need the COFE app park assistant as he uses public transport.

Mike arrives at the arena and the app automatically provides the ticket for entry saying “Hello Mike Sportlover, check our latest fan gear and beer+bratwurst package offer at south corner”.

Mike goes and makes use of the offer buying some beer and snack before going to his seat. While checking the warm up he sees from the COFE app couple of friends have just arrived to arena too.

The game is on:
Highlights on fast slapshots, attacks, goals and saves, tackles, penalties blasted through the arena systems – and through Mike’s COFE app.

The cheerleaders are dancing in the background, but Mike does not notice as he is so focused in the game.
Mike is all the time thinking whether his own team or the enemy will win, and by how much, and he wants to attend a competition to forecast the end result.

Player Sergei is his favourite and he is following especially how Sergei is doing.

Mike pings his friends to have a chat at the post game party in official fan zone, beer house Madcook, COFE app did note them all about the special offer there including the charity gameworn jersey auction – Sergei´s jersey will be there.

During the break Mike checks out the new cheerleader and goes to have a few words with her, then goes and gets some more beer and hot dogs, and as he had the discount voucher for the hot dogs he buys three instead of the normal two.

The game ends:
Victory! Mike wants to celebrate with his buddies and collects some memorabilia of this exciting game he purchased right after the first goal of home team from the COFE app.

Loss! Mike wants to drown his sorrows with his buddies and absolutely forget this game, Madcook helps with the charity jersey auction and special offers for fans with the ticket.

Mike was correct in his forecast and he won a discount to a local store which he can use during the next 48 hours.

Mike ends up back home somehow – late but feeling good. The new cheerleader is still fresh on his mind, especially as he can remind himself checking her out with the COFE app.

The day after
Next day Mike checks out some highlights from the game so have good memories or see what the hell went wrong – he sees that the visiting team utilized the injury of the home team captain having 70% of the shots from the right.

Mike is checking also statistics on Sergei and compares him to other players how he is faring. Sergei never lets Mike down – he is beating all those others every time.

Later, he goes to store to use his discount he won and shares the moment in social media!
There are news about the next game with and Mike is already getting excited – purchases the ticket via app as he loves the automated entry.


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