Sports Data Industry

Sports Data Industry is developing fast forward. Big reason for this is enabling technology giving us opportunities to use data in real time during the game or event. That was never done before because all the statistics and other pieces of data were collected with papers and pencils. Equally coaches and other particular sport analyst utilize game videos for post analysis. I see a change coming for this. That change is driven by three major forces:

1. Next generation consumers
Those of us being in the age group of under 30 years old spend a significant time of their days online. Also when looking at the age pyramid globally it seems like most of us belongs into this group of online people. Those people are the ones consuming most likely the most amount of money in sports during coming years – and they are online. In order to attract the fast paced mobile world, the sports data must be online in real time as far as possible as well. That is Sports Digitized is a must thing to do for teams and leagues.

2. Technology development
Like I pointed out previously, until these days the data capture has been mostly manual. That has been good enough but also lead into three major issues, inaccuracy, slow availability and lots of the data has been out of reach. Simultaneously technology development has been fast enough to enable new possibilities for Sports Digitized services. There are several ways of collecting data for demand of current and future consumers.

3. Competition
One must be at the top of own sport in order to be recognized globally. And yet only those being globally recognized are making big money out of that. So you should win trophies on continuous bases to build a recognized sports brand. Thus you must know your sport, players, coaching and sports development. That is done via analysis. Analysis that is based on paper and pencil or even to videos in addition is relatively labor oriented and time consuming. Thus the winning teams are constantly seeking ways to improve their analytics skills and equipment.


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