Data Driven Sports Coaching

Many of us has been following some sports long enough to have that gut feeling of momentum – which team has it or did it just turn. Home team may be pushing hard but after couple of scoring opportunities missed, the game starts to slide slowly more often into home defense zone. Something changed, we all know it, but we just not always see what it is and Boom, suddenly we are running behind.

Equally to sport, in delivery companies operating on roads regardless if their vehicles are trucks, vans or busses it is crucial to standardize the driver performance into a certain level. If the drivers are slowly starting to slide away from the company standard level of driving behavior, it causes lost money for the company in terms of increased fuel and vehicle maintenance cost. Thus these companies monitor their divers´ performance continuously in real time with intelligent tools.

By gathering information from several sources these companies are able to develop their operations, ensure quality and enable better management based on measured facts. With the facts management is focused on right things carefully and fast. Instead of relying only gut feeling they gain more out from the same resource they had previously. Managing the fleet and drivers has become data driven.

In sports there are many studies and known facts about performance but rare systems able to gather real time data. That is especially in team sports. The teams that are turning their coaching into data driven are travelling the same path that has been done in many industries, like driving behavior analysis. Gather the data from several sources, analyze it in real time then coach and manage the team based on facts, not just gut feeling.

Data driven or assisted coaching has become into reach of teams due to technology development. Today it really is possible to follow movements and patterns of players and equipment in real time. Teams globally are looking for the best solutions to capture the facts from their game. They know the The gut feeling must be captured, digitized, analyzed and visualized. They are keen on winning. They look for continuous improvement in order to guide their players into a more solid performance in every minute of the game. Players are their drivers. Luckily enough the momentum is now on their side since there are companies like AiScreen not just enabling the data capture but analyzing the data from several sources for their benefit. AiScreen Sports Digitized.