Data Enhanced Player Scouting

Many of us has been following some sports long enough to have that gut feeling of a talent or supertalent – who will be the next one. Equally there are always players and several stories about starts of the day who were late in their development. Those guys probably were not the top scorers in junior leagues yet scoring night after night in pro level. Rise to starts from back row. Scouts are spending significant amount of time to find both, these early birds or teenage stars but equally the guys developing a little slower. Future superstars, as we like to put it.

Scouting is important success factor for teams in many ways. Due to successful pick in draft the teams may increase their success in sports but economically as well. A draft is a million dollar investment for future – you want that investment to be both profitable and productive on ice. That puts some pressure and responsibility for scouts and their reports. So it is better to see the games to really have the analysis in place while reporting to teams. Or is it? Is it really mandatory to see all the 200 games annually? How you manage that while there are several prospects in your list playing in different locations?

Seeing is believing they say. But when you trust on someone reporting what they saw you are always under the influence of opinion of that someone – view is subjective and probably under influence of some third party factor, like common opinion. Scouts are professionals and they have advised to pick up several big players and talents, earlier and later in the draft.

If I would be a player scout, I would go and see and talk to prospects and the people working with them on a daily basis. In addition I would like to have objective data from the players in and outside of my list while I am not there present. Then I could enhance my reach for players and their performance outside those 200 games that I would see anyway. Also, I would like to have their performance history with enhanced data points, not just games played with goals and assists. That would enhance my view. Most likely I would see and recognize players outside my original list. I would have a reach for guys I never saw. I would only need the data, objective data – then I could enhance my scouting.

If my scouting agency would have scouts in different sports, that would be even more important. E.g. there are millions of talented football (soccer) players globally. So I would have no means to reach even a small parts of the players I would probably be interested. Thus I would do everything in my power to have the teams or some sponsors to finance data collection solutions globally. Supporting the locals and yet finding the best talents for the best teams. This is enabled by Data Enhanced Player Scouting by AiScreen Sports Digitized.


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