AiScreen Ltd and Quantum Pro Hockey form partnership to deliver sports technology solutions to the markets in North America

AiScreen Ltd (, provider of sports technology solutions for sports data collection and production, and Quantum Pro Hockey (, provider of statistics and measurement solutions for sports, have formed a partnership to make AiScreen Ltd solutions available in the markets in North America. As part of the partnership, Quantum Technologies will commercially represent and market all the solutions in the AiScreen product portfolio, including the flagship SportsDigitized, a real-time sports tracking solution not requiring any chips on the players or equipment, and MyCoazh, game data collection and analytics solution, in the North American markets.

William Böll, managing partner, Quantum Pro Hockey said: “AiScreen solutions are showing the future of real-time sports tracking being based on purely optical tracking which does not require any hardware pieces to be embedded into equipment or worn by the players. We are excited to be able to bring these solutions to the markets in North America.”

“North American markets are at the forefront of sports technology development and adoption. Our partnership with Quantum Pro Hockey is a substantial milestone for our company to expand our active presence in these progressive markets.”, commented Mika-Petteri Kuro, CEO, AiScreen Ltd.

About AiScreen Ltd (
AiScreen’s mission is to increase the understanding of team sports, player performance and mechanics behind their success. AiScreen develops and sells tools and content for sports analytics and distribution, providing exciting content for fan engagement, facts for coaching decisions and intelligence for sports-related business such as betting. AiScreen serves all the sports teams from professional to juniors.

About Quantum Pro Hockey (
Quantum Pro Hockey provides professional, junior and university organizations an unrivaled competitive advantage by unlocking insight and value from their quality of competition assets. Quantum Pro Hockey offers software, analytics and services that enable clients to better manage, scout, recruit, teach and win.

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Mika-Petteri Kuro, CEO, AiScreen Ltd
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William Böll, Managing Partner, Quantum Pro Hockey
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