AiScreen Ltd amongst the top Finnish startups for Silicon Valley

Startup event Slush was attended by more than 1700 startups in November 2015 and one of the main discussion topics in the event was which startups have the greatest potential of making it in Silicon Valley. The proof of the potential is not the visibility achieved in Slush, but it is in the hard work and customer wins.

Making it in Silicon Valley demands attitude and skills, but also bunch of other factors. The team needs to be world class and the startup must be a clear fit for the local ecosystem. Even before aiming there, growth rate needs to be in good shape and number of customer prospects residing in US. Without any local staff it will be hard to make it.

Amongst all the 1700 startups attending Slush, only 16 were ranked to have the potential to make it out in Silicon Valley. AiScreen Ltd was one of those 16 selected ones.

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